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Welcome to Innoventure Jr.!

Bring Innoventure Jr. to your classroom and open up the world of entrepreneurship to your elementary-age students. For more than a decade, the Innoventure suite of programs has introduced entrepreneurship to thousands of New Mexico students.

Our growing library of grade-appropriate activity books, animated videos and hands-on classroom projects will introduce your students to entrepreneurship, teamwork, communication and other key skills they need in the classroom and beyond.


Innoventure Jr. is all about entrepreneurship. It is designed to introduce young children to the concepts of the exchange of money for products and services; to help them recognize they have skills and abilities that provide value to others; and to show them that they can take part in creating their own job – and jobs for others. 

Bring Innoventure Jr. Day to Your School

Students all over New Mexico have a chance to see their ideas in the palms of their hands with Innoventure Jr.! Thanks to generous support from the Daniels Fund (link to Daniels page), we offer a fun, free outreach program to schools across New Mexico. Students learn all about entrepreneurship, teamwork, brainstorming and problem-solving in a hands-on activity that encourages them to invent their own product idea. Contact Innoventure at for more information on bringing Innoventure Jr. to your school!

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Innoventure Jr. Time

Thursday, March 25, 2021 at 4:00 PM

Join Innoventure Jr for a fun 25 min activity. We will be talking with Andrea Arrigucci from the Marriott Hospitality Futures Center. Bring your imagination hat to invent something yummy! 

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Innoventure Jr. Time

Thursday, April 29, 2021 at 4:00 PM

Join Innoventure Jr for a fun 25 min activity with 4-H for “Ag is Every Day!”.

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You can lead your students through the activity book specifically designed for their grade level. Innoventure Jr. materials are designed to be flexible and easy to adapt to your classroom.

All of our Innoventure Jr. activity books are available in PDF format, and they’re completely free! Just click on your grade-level below and enter your email address to request the entire collection for free. You can have your students download and complete the book on the computer or print out copies of the activity book and have the students write in their answers.

We do not receive any of the answers and there is no “grading” of these activities, but we do value your feedback! If you’re using Innoventure Jr. materials in your classroom, please let us know with a quick email to Innoventure at