The Hunt Center for Entrepreneurship

The Hunt Family Foundation has committed $2.5 million over six years to launch the Hunt Center for Entrepreneurship to advance Arrowhead Center’s work in commercializing discoveries and innovations, encouraging entrepreneurship, launching and developing new businesses, and creating lasting partnerships in the Borderplex region.

With these funds, Arrowhead Center has extended existing programming and created new initiatives to promote economic development in the region. Working with partners across the Borderplex, the Hunt Center for Entrepreneurship is poised to have a meaningful and lasting impact on regional economic development.

Leveraging and Growing Collaboration in the Borderplex Region

The Hunt Center for Entrepreneurship has a critical role to play in implementation of the Borderplex Alliance’s Regional Strategic Plan, as expressed through the Borderplex 2020 initiative. Key to this work is ensuring that existing partnerships between regional experts and stakeholders in economic development are nurtured, and that new relationships are formed. By working as a team, we can position the region for economic, social, and quality of life improvements. This work is underway through developments such as the formation of the Borderplex Entrepreneurship Task Force and launch of Innovation Frontera.

Hunts Startup Sponsorships

One of the brightest points of the Hunt Center for Entrepreneurship’s first year was the student startup sponsorship program, which provides crucial financial support and mentorship for selected participants in Arrowhead’s Studio G student business accelerator.

Student entrepreneurs supported by Hunt sponsorships are diverse, both in their personal and educational backgrounds, and in the ventures they are pursuing. Recruited from throughout the NMSU System, the first cohort of Hunt-sponsored students has made impressive progress in their entrepreneurial efforts.

Please see the video below to meet some members of the first cohort of Hunt-sponsored students.

Launch Proof of Concept Program

Established in 2011, Arrowhead Center’s Launch proof of concept program has grown to be one of the centerpieces of programming, representing a key component of several successful bids for federal funding and continued private sector support. Launch provides seed grants and business development mentoring for early-stage technologies, helping to mitigate the challenges of launching a startup venture, often based on new technologies. Through the Hunt Center for Entrepreneurship, components of Launch are expanding significantly.

A vital element of Launch is an annual competition that engages selected entrepreneurs with early-stage technologies and/or ventures in an accelerator program. Through the Hunt Center for Entrepreneurship, Arrowhead Center had the capacity to increase the size and scope of Launch awards. In the latest competition round, Launch granted two $20,000 awards – this level of support will continue in future competitions.



LAUNCH is an 8-week licensing studio, built to springboard NMSU intellectual property into the private sector


The Investor-in-Residence program brings to Arrowhead Center’s clients and program participants access to expert mentors who can guide them through journeys of technology commercialization and startup business activities. In addition to providing valuable advice and serving as sounding boards for new entrepreneur’s challenges, Investors-in-Residence help those seeking funding through their deep professional networks.


Investors-in-Residence currently working through the Hunt Center for Entreneurship and Arrowhead Center are Estela Hernandez and Dr. Beto Pallares.

Dr. Beto Pallares

Dr. Beto Pallares

Dr. Pallares is an active high tech early-stage investor and university lecturer, and conducts research on incubators and accelerators; he also serves on several corporate and venture fund advisory boards. He is a Kauffman Fellow, as well as a Presidio Institute Cross Sector Leadership Fellow. He received a BA in Economics from Brandeis University, and a MBA and PhD in International Business from the University of Texas-El Paso.

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