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The Hunt Center for Entrepreneurship

Leveraging and Growing Collaboration in the Borderplex region


In October of 2023, the Woody and Gale Hunt Family Foundation announced a transformative $2.5 million gift to Arrowhead Center, building upon a groundbreaking $2.5 million contribution received in 2017. This substantial investment underscores the Hunt Family Foundation's resolute commitment to empowering entrepreneurship, fostering innovation, and driving economic prosperity.

The Hunt Center for Entrepreneurship is committed to growing the entrepreneurship ecosystem in our region through empowering diverse groups of people to explore and practice entrepreneurship; educating and encouraging students to bring innovative products and services to commercial markets; and increasing access to early-stage investment. This work will help to ensure that the talent and ambition of our region's exceptional innovators and entrepreneurs can be realized – particularly those representing groups and communities who have been overlooked and undeserved by such programming. This benefits not only the participants themselves, but also the region and its larger economy. By discovering and empowering people who otherwise would not participate in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, we create a more successful and sustainable landscape for all.

Access to Entrepreneurship

Access to entrepreneurship resources, including training, mentoring, and funding is critical to strengthening our economy and enhancing wealth generation. Experts agree that we cannot afford the systemic inequities and structural barriers that are preventing women, people of color and those living in rural areas from starting and growing businesses. The Hunt Center builds inclusive entrepreneurship systems as a key to revitalizing and strengthening communities and the economy as a whole. The Hunt Center offers open access to knowledgeable entrepreneurs, small business advisors, and financial experts.


Student Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship education and practice have undeniably positive impacts on students’ academic and career prospects and outcomes. Students who study and engage in entrepreneurship benefit not only from the potential of creating working businesses and the economic and social mobility those ventures can bring, but also from practicing the widely applicable skills these activities cultivate: creative problem-solving, framing challenges as opportunities, and learning to communicate effectively about their ideas, among many other elements.


Access to Capital

Access to capital is a crucial element for the growth and sustainability of any entrepreneurship ecosystem. Adequate capital can help entrepreneurs develop their ideas into successful ventures by providing the necessary funding to hire staff, invest in equipment, and cover other expenses. Without access to capital, even the most innovative and promising business ideas may never see the light of day. Therefore, access to capital is essential to fostering a thriving entrepreneurship ecosystem that drives economic growth, creates jobs, and fuels innovation.

Our Team


Kathy Hansen

Arrowhead Center Director and Chief Executive Officer


Beto Pallares

Ecosystem Liaison


Carlos Murgia

Economic Development Officer Sr.


Rodrigo Fuentes

Entrepreneur in Residence


Daniel Jones

Entrepreneur in Residence


Becki Graham

Communication Manager


Carlos Cuesta

Studio G Director


Peter Knapp

Communication Director


Cristina Vargas

Marketing Specialist




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