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Welcome to Camp Innoventure

Camp Innoventure offers middle school entrepreneurial-minded students a week-long experience in innovative thinking and business development. The camp offers students a chance to learn creative critical thinking skills that are applicable inside and outside of the classroom. Students are encouraged in areas of creative problem-solving and collective brainstorming. Students also practice asking questions and learning the basic tenets of entrepreneurism.
Camp involves local educators, entrepreneurs, and business people.
Campers spend the first half of the morning learning curriculum and the second half creating a marketable product. Campers have created a wide range of products, from rock art to jewelry and even chicken feed, the possibilities are endless.  Past student-campers have even created jingles, packaging , and logos for their projects. At the end of the week, students partner with the local Farmers’ Market for public, hands-on customer discovery, interaction and practice marketing within a community-specific demographic.
Any profit students make they keep!

What is Camp Innoventure?

Camp runs from to noon, Monday - Saturday.

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Registration is $40 and includes materials for students’ products, curriculum workbook, and backpack.


What is a typical day like?
Campers spend the first hour and half of camp working in the workbook and learning business concepts. The second half of the day is spent working on their business and their product.
Does my child need to bring a snack?
Camp Innoventure does not provide snacks, but campers are welcome to bring their own snacks for a midday break.
Does my child need to bring anything?
A backpack with a workbook and pen are provided to students on Monday of camp. Students will need to bring it with them to camp every day of the week. For developing their products students can bring supplies their already own to camp.
How much is camp?
Registration is $40, there are scholarships available to those who qualify. Part of their registration fees go towards students getting $24 dollars, in a prepaid debit card, on Monday to purchase supplies for their business.
How long is camp?
Camp is 6 days, Monday through Saturday. Each day starts at 9:00am and goes until 12:00, unless otherwise specified. Drop off can start at 8:45am with pickup at Noon.

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