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The aim of this certification is to provide individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to create effective and sustainable business models. The goal is to assist participants in the creation of a business model, stress test that design, and pitch the business idea effectively, leading up to the demand validation stage.




The certification prepares participants to develop an innovative and validated business model, while also developing the skills to pitch their idea in a clear, concise manner. Participants will also expand their networks by forming connections with industry leaders.



  1. Business model creation
  2. Stress testing desirability
  3. Stress testing viability
  4. Stress testing feasibility
  5. Pitching your business model

Steps to achieving certification

In order to attain the third level of certification at Studio G, participants will be required to... 

  1. Attend at least three mentorship session with a Studio G staff member
  2. Complete the Studio G- LeanStack curriculum (Season 1 & 2)
  3. Attend at least three networking events at Studio G

Finally, participants will:  Present the business idea in a local Pitch Competition.

Free Membership

Membership with Studio G is completely free, and it does not entail any ownership or equity claims over your business or technology. We offer shared office space at Arrowhead Center - Genesis C, business advisory services, and a diverse array of resources for launching your business or diving into entrepreneurship.

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