New Mexico State University’s College of Engineering and Arrowhead Center are collaborating on  Innovation and Commercialization for a Regional Energy Workforce (I-CREW), a project designed to focus on clean energy as an emerging economic opportunity to create and retain jobs, enhance commercialization and innovation, and foster regional connectivity. This project is an opportunity to create clean, sustainable, well-paying jobs necessary for communities to thrive.

NMSU's College of Engineering

NMSU’s College of Engineering offers world-class education on aspects, practices, and benefits of green energy. The Klipsch School of Electrical and Computer Engineering is a leading and driving force graduating diverse cohorts of students in a variety of electrical and engineering fields, including a rigorous academic Electric Utility Management Program and a renewable energy curriculum.

NMSU’s Arrowhead Center

Arrowhead Center provides entrepreneurship and innovation programs and services to the NMSU system community as well as the broader statewide community. Since inception, Arrowhead has been effective in building and expanding such services to support innovation, job creation and workforce development across the state and multi-state region (e.g. West Texas). Over the past few years, Arrowhead has introduced industry sector accelerator sprints to jumpstart sector-based entrepreneurship and commercialization. 

To answer some of today’s most important energy problems and help with economic development growth in the clean energy industry, Arrowhead Center and College of Engineering are offering an accelerator program, Energy Sprint.

Energy Sprint is a 5-week venture builder for New Mexico innovators in clean technology.

Through EnergySprint you will receive:


Business Development Coaching



Access to Business Experts



Access to service providers through microgrants

Who We’re Looking For

We are hoping to find startups and established businesses that are leading the creation of innovative solutions  in renewable energy, energy storage, and applications of energy to cyber security.

Program Requirements / Outcomes

  • Participant(s) and business must be based in New Mexico.
  • Availability to attend one three-hour and four two-hour workshops virtually, online.
  • To successfully complete EnergySprint, teams are expected to conduct interviews with potential customers for their product or service.
  • Microgrants must be used to advance the participant’s business. Participant support will be awarded upon completion of Energy Sprint.
  • Participants must have plans to sell their products or services outside New Mexico.
  • If the business is based on science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) or another topic normally supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF), eligibility can be granted for the NSF I-Corps team program. For more information about NSF funds please visit:

Program graduates have the opportunity to join Arrowhead Ventures. They will benefit from continued business and technical advising, academic and industry connections, and up to $20,000 in Amazon Web Service Credits. STEM-based projects may also gain eligibility for the National Science Foundation I-Corps Teams program and an opportunity for a $50,000 award. Some participants may qualify for Arrowhead Innovation Fund investment consideration. 

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