American Indian Business Enterprise Center

AIBE is a Native American Business Accelerator that helps support and grow Native Owned Businesses in New Mexico


New Mexico’s American Indian Business Accelerator

The American Indian Business Enterprise Center provides an abundance of services and a number of potential resources ranging from funding opportunities, free online business training, one-on-one business advising, and access to over 50 professional advisors including accountants, intellectual property, and business attorneys.  Join AIBE to receive these opportunities!  

Global Ranking

AIBE leverages and expands upon Studio G’s student entrepreneurship incubator that has been internationally recognized by UBI Global as a Top Business Incubator.

NMSU Mission and Values: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

New Mexico State University is recognized as a Native serving institution. The mission of the NMSU system is to serve the diverse needs of the state through comprehensive programs of education, research, extension and outreach, and public service. As the state’s land-grant and space-grant university, and as a Hispanic-Serving Institution, NMSU fosters learning, inquiry, diversity and inclusion, social mobility, and service to the broader community. NMSU values embracing our differences as an asset and actively seeking to include wide-ranging perspectives. This includes leadership directly from those that represent our students and whom we serve.

AIBE Mission and Native Collaboration

The American Indian Business Enterprise is built on the collaboration and input of Native Leadership. In guiding our practices, AIBE solicits input from partnering Native organizations, community members, and Native business owners to provide equitable and inclusive delivery of culturally representative services.

AIBE also hires Native student interns from across the state of New Mexico, along with Native business owners, who are on the frontlines when delivering resources to native-owned businesses

Who Can Be A Member?

AIBE provides services to all Native American entrepreneurs for both students and community members alike. We serve all native businesses including but not limited to native artists, native farmers, native ranchers, native community producers, native mental health services, native educational services, and even native cooperatives.  We also advise on establishing non-profit organizations, boards, and other services specific to growing tribal leadership.  

If you believe that you qualify for application, have a business idea, and would like to take advantage of the resources available at the AIBE Center, Join AIBE here. If you don’t have a business idea yet and just want to talk about opportunities available through the AIBE Center or get involved through our internship program or opportunities for student employment, please send an email to Brooke Montgomery at or call (575)646- 1859.

Internships available through a partnership with Indian Resource Development–If interested please email Brooke Montgomery.

We Are Hiring!

AIBE is currently hiring Native American students from NMSU Grants, NMSU Alamogordo, and DACC. This position is in partneship with the Indian Resource Development program and AIBE.

If you are interested in this job opportunity, please email Brooke Montgomery at

Benefits of Membership



Arrowhead Innovation Network consists of a 50-person network of entrepreneurs, lawyers, accountants, marketing professionals, engineers, and investors. Studio G members can schedule 30-minute virtual or in-person meetings with these advisers.  We are growing our network and including more and more Native professional advisors.

If you are interested in becoming an advisor to support Native Entrepreneurs, please email Brooke Montgomery at


Due to statewide restrictions designed to help mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the difficult decision was made to temporarily close, or maintain temporary closure of shared workspaces. Upon re-opening, AIBE members will have access to conference rooms that are fully equipped with large flat screen TV’s, webcams, phones, and conference tables that can fit 10-12 people. AIBE members will also be able to utilize workspace areas that have fully functioning computers with internet access. AIBE also provides access to our state-of-the-art green screen room. Additionally, AIBE provides colored printers and copy machines for our members.

Equipment, Software, Prototyping:

Access to great equipment and software is a key resource that we provide AIBE members. Our members can apply for services that include 3D printing, 3D scanning, Vinyl Cutting, AV equipment, Adobe Creative Suite, SolidWorks, prototyping, simulations, and other technical assistance. If you are interested in technical assistance for your business, please contact Brooke Montgomery at



Due to statewide restrictions designed to help mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the difficult decision was made to temporarily close, or maintain temporary closure of our entrepreneurship library. Upon re-opening, AIBE members will have access our entrepreneurship library that includes a wide variety of business training manuals and books.


Funding Opportunities

AIBE and our partners provide potential funding opportunities for our members. We assist with training our members on how to search for grants, government contracts, and loan opportunities. We also assist our members with reviewing proposals that they have written for possible funding opportunities. AIBE members will receive monthly fund matching emails that list funding opportunities for both Native-owned and non-Native owned businesses.


Licensing Opportunities

AIBE members have the opportunity to license IP technology that was developed at NMSU, NTU, and AFRL. We have a strong portfolio of patents that our members can review for possible licensing agreements. Our members may select one of these patented technologies to potentially bring through our NSF Aggie I-Corps program. Through the program, AIBE members will receive mentorship, coaching, and $2,000 for participant support.

Indian Resource Development Program

The Indian Resource Development Program (IRD) provides Native American students and Native-owned businesses with on-the-job internship opportunities. IRD also provides an array of other resources, including potential funding for materials for agriculturalists, engineers, natural resource scientists, and business people prepared to contribute to the effective development and management of tribal resources. For more information please contact IRD at

NMSU American Indian Program

The NMSU American Indian Program (AIP) offers services that help American Indian students succeed and achieve their post-secondary goals. We are committed to supporting students on both a personal and an academic level. The AIP nurtures student success by connecting students to on-campus resources and support services, which help students acclimate to NMSU’s diverse campus.

The AIP provides students with guidance and academic advising, scholarship opportunities, employer recruiting visits, computer and social outlets, library resources, and referral to other campus resources designed to promote student success.

Navajo Technical University

Navajo Technical University acts as AIBE’s primary external partner. This partnership provides opportunities and resources to AIBE clients including but not limited to developing prototyping, CAD designs, simulations and other technical assistance through NTU’s Advanced Manufacturing Facility. AIBE clients may potentially also gain access to NTU’s 3D Mobile Van to create prototypes within their communities.

Indian Pueblo Opportunity Center at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center (IPCC)

Indian Pueblo Opportunity Center at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center (IPCC)

The core purpose of the Indian Pueblo Opportunity Center is to provide a place where artisans and small-scale farmers can better their crafts in a way that is educational, inspirational, and sustainable. The Center will serve as a hub of creativity and opportunity that helps promote economic and social mobility in a safe environment for each individual.

New Mexico Community Capital

New Mexico Community Capital (NMCC) offers the Native Entrepreneur in Residence (NEIR) program and the Financial Business Basics (FBB) training.

New Mexico Community Capital’s Native Entrepreneur in Residence Program (NEIR) was formalized in 2014 as a result of earlier work done by the NMCC Investment Fund. Today, NEIR is NMCC’s flagship non-profit program. It has become the platform for a portfolio of program offerings providing the tools for success to emerging Native American businesses, bringing financial literacy, business skills, and a vibrant network to Native American business owners and their communities.

The Native Entrepreneur In Residence (NEIR) program provides a culturally appropriate, supportive place for Native American entrepreneurs to gain confidence, grow, and become successful. To date, the NEIR accelerator has served 46 participants from over 28 tribes and pueblos. Success is measured with standard economic development indicators used by government and private sector entities. Since launching in 2014, the NEIR accelerator has demonstrated a significant impact.

the Financial and Business Basics (FBB) training modules feature work products that participants will either complete during the workshop or complete with individual assistance from a Native mentor. These work products include a household budget, a personal debt/savings plan, and a business pitch delivered to/critiqued by peers.

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American Indian Business Enterprise to Jumpstart Small Businesses in Native Communities Across New Mexico

Native entrepreneurs in New Mexico with strong business ideas and plans will now have greater access to resources, technology and training to build their dream business. 


Senator Tom Udall

Thank you Senator Tom Udall for your support of Studio G NMSU’s new American Indian Business Enterprise (AIBE) program. This program will help American Indian Student Entrepreneurs throughout New Mexico! 

Senator Martin Heinrich

Thank you Senator Martin Heinrich for your support of Studio G NMSU’s new American Indian Business Enterprise (AIBE) program! This program will help American Indian Student Entrepreneurs throughout New Mexico!


NMSU Arrowhead Center’s American Indian Business Enterprise to offer business courses

Arrowhead Center at New Mexico State University’s American Indian Business Enterprise is partnering with New Mexico Community Capital to host Financial Basic Business courses. 

AIBE Staff

Kramer Winningham

Kramer Winningham

Organizational Leader

Brooke Montgomery

Brooke Montgomery

AIBE Project Manager

Rachel Livingston

Rachel Livingston

Outreach Coordinator

Victor Hughes

Victor Hughes

Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) Northern NM Region

Kaitlin Freeland

Kaitlin Freeland

NTU Outreach Assistant