Technology Commercialization Associates

The most effective model for successful commercialization of university inventions and innovations is concurrent work on academic/technical and commercial/market issues. Assembling a diverse team during the early stages of development yields the best opportunities to tailor innovations to serve both scholarly and commercial concerns.  To support this model, the IP Office (specifically) and Arrowhead Center (generally) must be aware of NMSU community members’ current work and future research interests.  Simultaneously, the IP Office must reach out to the campus to encourage and facilitate participation in technology commercialization opportunities.  One way to accomplish these related goals is through the work of graduate assistants with specialized roles in the organization: Technology Commercialization Associates (TCAs).  These students will, through network building and information sharing/gathering, enhance Arrowhead’s partnerships with and connections to NMSU researchers, increasing our ability to effectively identify and evaluate emerging and potentially licensable technologies early in the process.

In addition to the advantages this program offers to NMSU’s research community and economic development initiatives, the TCA program will provide the graduate students a unique learning experience focused on increasingly valuable skills.  A growing need for technology commercialization education is expressed in academic, technical and industry settings.  Developing these skills will serve to enhance TCAs’ career options post-graduation, both in industry settings and as potential entrepreneurs.

Program Purpose and Objectives

The purpose of this program is to identify graduate students in various NMSU Colleges to serve as TCAs in the Office of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer.  These students will work with Arrowhead Center staff, researchers in their home Colleges, and other NMSU community members to advance technology commercialization on campus while gaining valuable skills in this area.  Employing students to serve as liaisons between Arrowhead Center and the research communities of the Colleges both helps Arrowhead Center to identify emerging research with commercial potential and develops specialized knowledge for the TCAs.

The TCA program has three primary objectives:

  1. To provide graduate students with focused, directed learning experiences in technology commercialization;
  2. To make Arrowhead Center’s technology commercialization resources more readily available to the NMSU community; and
  3. To identify research with commercial potential as early as possible, allowing concurrent commercialization and development work on promising inventions and innovations.