Many students at New Mexico State University have a passion for entrepreneurship, a passion that is recognized by Studio G, NMSU’s free resource to students and recent alumni that helps individuals start their own business.

Studio G is offered by NMSU’s Arrowhead Center, and provides students with resources that will help them expand their business ideas. Students and recent alumni must apply to be a part of the program, and once they are accepted, the students have access to individuals from various disciplines such as marketing, accountants, expert lawyers, and more.

“[At Studio G] we find ways to move a student’s business forward. After that, it’s up to them to move their business forward,” said the director of Studio G Dr. Kramer Winingham. Dr. Winingham explained that ultimately, Studio G’s main goal is to have students start their own businesses.

Studio G represents one of the four pillars of the Arrowhead Center at NMSU: business creation and growth. The other three pillars (education and training, intellectual property commercialization, and public-private partnerships) work with the first pillar, in the sense that these four missions define what the Arrowhead Center is all about: creating stronger connections between students and their future careers.

With 12 locations across the state of New Mexico, Studio G has proven to be extremely beneficial to many students. The vast network of resources that Studio G has created is fueled by a dedicated staff of over 180 individuals, that also teach students skills in leadership and communication.

“Studio G has been very helpful. They took a genuine interest in my business, invited me to events and taught me skills that continue to be benefical to my business,” as quoted from a testominal on Studio G’s website by the CEO of El Campo Clothing Company, Gabriel Mendez.

At Studio G, once students pitch their ideas, they are immersed into a haven of innovation and talent, perfect for those with ideas just waiting to be unleashed.

The coordinators of Studio G also provide those who are interested in expanding their entrepreneurial knowledge with various technology that will propel their business designs to new heights. With 3-D printing and scanning, AV equipment, video conferencing, and other software, those who participate at Studio G are equipped to create a well-functioning business.

“I think we’ve got a lot of great students with a lot of great ideas. We want to help connect them to the resources and help them be successful,” said Dr. Winingham.

The directors and staff of Studio G encourage all those interested in kick-starting their business to by the Arrowhead Center and begin their path towards successful careers in entrepreneurship, within the growing and demanding world of business.