Aggie Startup Club

A Club For Students Interested In Entrepreneurship

Aggie Startup Club is an exciting way to get interested in Entrepreneurship. We work closely with programs and resources here at NMSU to help you network, learn or grow your idea. We want to create an environment where students can grow their ideas and become successful entrepreneurs.


The Aggie Startup Club recruits, educates and promotes entrepreneurship across NMSU; makes starting your own business a viable career path and creates an entrepreneurial culture at NMSU.


The Aggie Startup Club is the multi-disciplinary organization in New Mexico that accomplishes the following:

1. Builds leaders for the future.
2. Provides innovative professional growth and development opportunities.
3. Serves as a statewide resource for education, information, networking, and partnerships.
4. Promotes the mission and goals of the Land Grant University System.
5. Grow an entrepreneurial minded community.
6. Provide a place for like-minded individuals to meet, learn and discuss entrepreneurship.


*Must be a registered student of New Mexico State University*

*Must attend the required amount of meetings*

*Must Participate in sponsored events*

*Must volunteer 2 hours per semester at various events*


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Alex Cornidez

Alex Cornidez


Alexis Emmanuel Cornidez is a junior at NMSU pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering with a dual minor in mathematics and business administration.
Leonard Casaus

Leonard Casaus

Vice President

Leonard Casaus is a Graduate Student working on his MBA, currently working as a GA at Studio G
Donovan Olvera

Donovan Olvera

Secretary and Treasurer

Aggie Startup Club is sponsored by Arrowhead Center and Studio G