September 26 | Las Cruces, NM

Location: New Mexico Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum

Time: 2:00PM-5:00PM, with Reception to Follow



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AgAssembly is the culminating event for AgSprint, a 5-month venture builder for innovators in agri-food. AgAssembly brings together entrepreneurs, agriculture industry leaders, and funders for a day of agriculture innovation, technology, and connection.

Connecting with the Right People

Industry Executives & Media

Get an inside look at the up-and-coming trends and startups at the forefront of ag innovation.


Meet the most promising new ag startups.


Connect with investors, potential partners and customers. Plus, have the chance to give a 60-second pitch during the open mic session.

Past Speakers

Open Mic

AgAssembly invites agri-food startups from the Southwest to apply to pitch executives, investors, media, government, entrepreneurs, and other ecosystem contributors. We know entrepreneurs need to be judicious with their time. If you are going to pitch, pitch wisely and pitch to the right people. If you are developing something in the food and agriculture space, regardless of business maturity, presenting at this event will be time well spent.

Up to ten startups will be selected to give 60-second pitches to describe their venture and what additional skills and help they are looking for from the food, agriculture, and entrepreneurial community. Applications close September 6.


At This Year’s AgAssembly:


Guest speakers will take the stage to talk about building the real food economy of the future, the current and future landscape of funding agrifood and NM’s budding industry in hemp.  


AgSprint accelerator companies have the opportunity to pitch and secure a $20,000 award; while, established and emerging entrepreneurs showcase their startup through Open Mic.

Through curated networking we’re bringing together people with the power to propel the Southwest’s startup forward, tackling some of the biggest challenges in food and agriculture and illuminating a sustainable, innovative future.


How do I become an AgAssembly partner?
Thank you for considering sponsoring this impactful event. Not only will you be making a difference by helping local entrepreneurs grow their business opportunities by connecting with great resources, you’ll be helping grow the economy and create jobs for the state of New Mexico. To become a sponsor, please contact Zetdi Sloan at
How do I become an AgAssembly investor next year?
Becoming an investor for the AgSprint accelerator is a rewarding experience. You’ll have the opportunity to invest in the most innovative, scalable startups focused on the latest groundbreaking agricultural technology. If you would like to become an investor, please contact Zetdi Sloan at
How Do I apply to AgSprint?
Please refer to to learn more about the AgSprint program. Application opens in the spring of 2020. If you would like to speak with someone about joining, please contact Zetdi Sloan at