Beto Pallares

Drew Tulchin

Isabella Ortiz

Matthew Martin

TakeFlight is a smartphone and web app that connects pilots, learner pilots, and aviation enthusiasts with general aviation organizations. The app manages scheduling, maintenance, and certification for rental aircraft and renter pilots.

Sonia Gonzales

The Callie baby bottle is designed for portable convenience, reducing air ingestion, and giving the baby a more nursing-like experience.  This technology will bring convenience to the traveling parent, will help reduce the risk of colic, and aid a baby transitioning from breast to bottle.  Also, this system keeps the baby formula hygienic and germ-free from outside contaminants unlike any other system currently available.

Steven Alderete

The H2OBO system is designed to completely dry out the water bladder and drinking tube in 12 minutes or less. Leaving your hydration system ready for storage without the possibility of mold and that funky smell.

Megan Donart + Katie Birtcil

A technology aimed to assist with the pitfalls of masks and provide an additional layer of protection. The invention is a portable personal air purifier that is worn around the user’s neck creating an ion “curtain” around them. The device is made to be worn with either a face shield or a mask giving the user an additional layer of protection.

Mark Davis

Likehuman is a cloud-based service—not installable software or hardware—that provides an exceptional growth opportunity to serve markets as diverse as healthcare, entertainment, customer service, manufacturing, and defense—all through a cloud-based API and subscription model. Customer service bots, intelligent assistants, and video game AIs are so limited and frustrating. They misunderstand you or respond in inappropriate or rigid ways. Likehuman is changing that by advancing the state-of-the-art in natural language processing to build the intelligent agent of the future.


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