NOAA is one of the twelve federal departments that participates in the SBIR program. 

Under the program, NOAA funds projects that support innovative research projects that fall within their core mission of science, service, and stewardship. Typically, NOAA research topics are aligned with the goals and priorities outlined in the Department of Commerce Strategic Plan for that time period. NOAA may also have secondary funding priorities, where technologies that address a strategic need will be given higher priority during review. For the 2019 solicitation, these priorities were Manufacturing-Related and Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.



In addition to the standard SBA requirements, small businesses must also register with grants.gov to submit a proposal package. You can find out more about this process via our YouTube video on registration requirements. 

Mechanics of the Program

Under the SBIR program, NOAA will fund Phase I projects to determine the scientific,

technical, and commercial merit and feasibility of the proposed research. Phase I funding is limited to $120,000 for 6 months of work, and if the project is successful, you can apply for Phase II funding. Phase II project funding is limited to $400,000 for 24 months of work, and is intended as the R&D or prototype development phase.

NOAA restricts any oral and/or written communication, save for questions and answers concerning additional information on the technical subtopics described in Section 9 of their Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO). Questions may be submitted through the NOAA SBIR Program Office via email, and all responses will be publicly, though anonymously, posted on the

NOAA SBIR website. There is a set time period for submitting questions, falling between first issuance of the NOFO and closing of the opportunity, and this period will change on an annual basis. Make sure you are looking at the latest version of the NOFO to ensure you are in compliance.

Additional Funding

At this time, NOAA carries not additional funding opportunities specifically designed to support further work on an SBIR related project. However, awardees are always encouraged to seek other funding mechanisms to transition their work into a Phase III.



For a full listing of agency resources and NM FAST resources, relevant to an SBIR submission to NOAA, please visit this link: