The EPA in one of the twelve federal departments that participates in the SBIR program.

Under the program, EPA funds projects that aim to protect human health and the environment, with broad areas of focus in air, water, climate change, waste and manufacturing, all focused towards promoting green tech innovations. The program has supported state-of-the-art monitoring devices and pollution clean-up systems and processes, and event life cycle assessment (LCA). This proactive approach means solving an environmental problem in a way that takes into account resources, feedstock, emissions, toxicity and waste.



In addition to the standard SBA requirements, small businesses must also register with FedConnect to submit a proposal package. To register for a free FedConnect account, small businesses only need their DUNS number. You can find out more about this process via our YouTube video on registration requirements.

Mechanics of the Program

Under the SBIR program, EPA will fund Phase I projects to verify the “proof of concept” of the technology. Phase I funding is limited to $100,000 for 6 months of work, and if the project is successful, you can apply for Phase II funding. Phase II project funding is limited to $300,000 for 24 months of work, and is largely designed to further develop and commercialize the technology.


Additionally, EPA allows for technical questions to be submitted for a short period between solicitation opening and closing. As the actual dates will be determined at the time of solicitation issue, offerors should pay close attention to this annually updated information. Questions must be submitted through FedConnect and will be published and publicly available. Offerors should make sure they do no include any proprietary information in their questions.

Additional Funding

During a Phase II project, the EPA also offers a commercialization option of $100,000 to companies that can secure third-party investment of $100,000 or more for the commercialization of their technology. To implement this, the Agency requires a “Commercialization Option” under which Phase II offerors shall submit a proposal for up to $100,000 of additional EPA funding. Third-party investment must come from entities such as a venture capital firm, an individual “angel” investor, a state or local funding source, another company under a partnership,

licensing, or joint venture arrangement, or any combination of these or other “outside” funding sources.

However, awardees are always encouraged to seek other funding mechanisms to transition their work into a Phase III.



For a full listing of agency resources and NM FAST resources, relevant to an SBIR submission to EPA, please visit this link: