Las Cruces Social Media Support Program

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Las Cruces Social Media Support Program

Arrowhead Center, with support from the City of Las Cruces’ Economic Development Department, is offering FREE social media assistance to businesses located in Las Cruces. This assistance is being provided in response to a need for increased online presence for local businesses suffering from the challenges and effects of COVID-19.


Eligibility Requirements

  • Be located in Las Cruces
  • Be a registered business
  • Fill out an application
  • Sign an assistance agreement form
  • Provide Arrowhead with copy (text) and images to use.

Assistance Will Include

  • Creating business accounts (if they don’t exist) for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and/or LinkedIn
    • Each business will get a Facebook account and one other account (either Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn) depending on the business goals.
  • Guide on best practices and tips to consider when using social media
  • Traning on how to:
    • Access two accounts
    • How to post to those accounts
    • Update account information for those accounts
    • Use paid ads to promote your business