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What is Arrowhead Ventures

Arrowhead Ventures is a post-accelerator program that provides follow-on support for businesses who have participated in one of Arrowhead’s Accelerator programs. Arrowhead Ventures provides accelerator graduates with resources, guidance and traction to assist with continued growth of their business.

11 Online

Alonso Indacochea

Helping businesses connect with their audience by employing digital tools and web technologies.

11 Online Website | Entrepreneuring Podcast Interview

Backyard Farms LC

Rachel Ryan

Greening the food desert in the Paso del Norte region


Earthship Biotecture Academy

Jennie Begley

Teaching others to make radically sustainable buildings

Earthship Biotecture Academy Website

Rocky Mountain Micro Ranch

Wendy Lu McGill

We are bringing microlivestock to the range

Rocky Mountain Micro Ranch Website

Blue Feather Naturals LLC

Gillian Fryer

Creating plant-based body care products

Blue Feather Naturals Website 

RingIR Inc

Charles Harb

Providing customers with real-time detection systems with unprecedented speed, sensitivity, and reliability

Ring IR Website | Entrepreneuring Podcast Interview

New Mexico Borderworx

Juan Albert

It is our goal to ensure that your organization is operating in line with your mission

New Mexico Border Worx Website | Entrepreneuring Podcast Interview 


Justin Crowe

Fold the memory of passed loved ones into daily life.

Lifeware Website

International Herding Dog Association

Laura De La Cruz

Recording herding dogs’ best runs and submitting the YouTube link for judging

International Herding Dog Association Website

The Bossy Gourmet

Lenny Pelifan and Lori Ann Alvarez

Our salsa brings traditional home style salsa to today’s on the go families

The Bossy Gourmet Website

Taos Bee Flower Company

Moira O’Hanlon

Skincare from the Hive!

Taos Bee Flower Company Website

Revolution Agriculture

Richard Brion

Creating the world’s most efficient, sustainable farms

Revolution Agriculture Website

Wildlife Protection Management

Roch Hart

Engineering solutions for wildlife management that are best for the species and habitat

Wildlife Protection Management Website

The Montibon Company

Roy Montibon

Strategic consulting and creative direction

Montibon Company Website

Eco Trip Match

Terry Dunn

Matching ecofriendly travelers with service providers and sites

EcoTripMatch Website | Entrepreneuring Podcast Interview