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Arrowhead is a hub for entrepreneurial education. We are growing the next generation of entrepreneurs through our K-12 initiatives and our outstanding business accelerator for college and university students across New Mexico. We host a variety of learning and networking events for aspiring and current innovators and businesspeople. Arrowhead also provides online resources you can access any time through programs like the University Center for Regional Commercialization.

Women Entrepreneurs Mean Business

WE Mean Business (WEMB) brings together thought-leaders and change-makers to share their stories, strategies and transformational wisdom with entrepreneurial women.

April 4, 2019 from 9:30AM TO 4:00PM

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Arrowhead Innovation Network

Building a strong, innovation-based economy takes diverse people working together for common goals and benefits. Arrowhead Innovation Network (AIN) brings together a closely connected group of partners: inventors, researchers, entrepreneurs, investors, and economic development specialists, to build a pipeline for moving new technologies to market and creating a vibrant regional innovation ecosystem.

Enterprise Advisors

Any of our 40+ Enterprise Advisors are ready to talk with you about specific challenges you and your business are facing. Our EAs can share their expertise in practically any area of business need: social media and web optimization, intellectual property law, early-stage investment, and much more. Many of our EAs are entrepreneurs themselves, and can personally relate to the startup journey.

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