Enterprise Research

Arrowhead Center works with a wide range of businesses to provide resources that will help them reach the next stage. If you have a new idea or are in need of research to expand an existing business, our dynamic team will work to find the right fit for you.

Business assistance can take the form of business plans, marketing studies, feasibility studies, financial analyses, industry analyses, and other services. We have completed hundreds of studies, each tailored to fit the specific needs of our clients.

Our success stems from our most significant asset: highly engaged Student Innovation Teams (SIT). These teams work with business mentors, entrepreneurs, faculty researchers, and research partners to create high-quality, relevant studies. Our teams analyze the commercial potential of technologies and products, formalize business plans to make them more attractive to investors, and connect entrepreneurs to statewide resources to launch business start-ups.

If you are a New Mexico entrepreneur and have an innovative idea, or would like to expand your business, Arrowhead Center is ready to help. Applications for business research studies are accepted and reviewed three times per year. Dates for 2014 will be announced soon.

Once accepted, our SIT teams work with business mentors, entrepreneurs, faculty researchers, and research partners to create validated research studies for your business. Our teams write business plans, vet technologies, uncover areas of market potential, and develop strong licensing opportunities with potential investors. Through our strong relationship with New Mexico State University’s M-TEC Program, Arrowhead Center has worked with clients to take an idea to the prototype stage. In many cases, we have worked with M-TEC in tandem – Arrowhead Center validates business feasibility and M-TEC validates the product through prototyping and testing.

Demonstration and Validation Program (DEMVAL)

Through our DEMVAL program, we offer businesses an opportunity to have products, services, and technologies tested and evaluated by experienced third party analysts who can validate the performance, capabilities, and utility of their products.