Why You Should Be an Entrepreneur

At Arrowhead, we take a broad view of what it means to be an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur is anyone who sees a problem, comes up with a solution, and works to make it happen. Entrepreneurs find opportunities: to tackle large and small challenges, to develop profitable businesses, and to improve people’s lives in their local communities and beyond.

As an entrepreneur, the possibilities are as wide as your imagination. Maybe you have an idea that will improve a pressing problem in healthcare. Or a cleaner, greener way to deal with pests that destroy crops. Or an innovative solution for wild horse overpopulation. Wherever your creativity has brought you, Arrowhead’s services will make sure you keep moving ahead.

Have an Idea?

You have a great idea; now you need to know what comes next. Read below or reach out – we’re ready to help.

Student Entrepreneurs

If you’re a current student or have graduated in the past five years and want to explore starting or growing a business, visit Studio G.

Business Accelerators

If you’re interested in learning about our intensive, fast-paced business acceleration programs, visit Startup Sprints.

Federal Grants

If you’re a registered for-profit small business in New Mexico interested in exploring federal grant funding, visit NM FAST.

Protect Your Idea or Invention!

If you are NMSU faculty and want to protect your idea, technology, or invention, visit our Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Office to fill out an invention disclosure form and start the process.


Need Help Finding Where to Start?

You can also view all our programs and the services they have to offer. If you’re not sure which program might be right for you, give us a call or drop us a note.


Need an Idea?

You know you have the energy and passion to create a business – now, you just need a great idea to put to work.

Available Technologies

Explore technologies available to license through NMSU and find incredible innovations to start businesses. 

Technology-based Business Competition

Do you have a technology but need help getting it to market? Consider applying to Arrowhead’s LAUNCH competition, where you can form a team to explore an NMSU-developed technology and learn about how to create a successful small business.