Women Entrepreneurs Mean Business

Fall 2018

 Las Cruces, NM

Empowering Women in Entrepreneurship

WE Mean Business (WEMB) brings together thought-leaders and change-makers to share their stories, strategies and transformational wisdom with entrepreneurial women.


WEMB’s line-up features powerful speakers, interactive learning, tactical trainings, purposeful networking, and one-on-one coaching to help women advance as business leaders.

Stay tuned for updates on the power-packed 2018 speaker lineup.

Mainstage Talks

During Mainstage Talks, innovative business-minded speakers will share best practices for making ideas reality and take questions in an interactive setting. They’ll offer practical, real-world insights on how you can put your ideas into action. Get fired up to make things happen during talks from leading local and regional entrepreneurs.

Breakout Sessions

During Mainstage Talks, innovative business-minded speakers will share best practices for making ideas reality and take questions in an interactive setting. They’ll offer practical, real-world insights on how you can put your ideas into action. Get fired up to make things happen during talks from leading local and regional entrepreneurs.

Network Mixer

The networking mixer provides the opportunity for you to connect with local entrepreneurs, pick their brains, forge new partnerships, discover mentors, and expand your client base. The Networking Mixer is open to all participants and local entrepreneurs and business owners.  This event is preceded by a crash course in speed networking—a whirlwind 3-minute opportunity to share your idea and forge connections.

Tools & Resources

Walk away with the knowledge, tools and resources that leverage strengths, magnify outcomes and grow your business.

2017 Firestarter


Lisa Mae Brunson is a Creative Visionary, Speaker, Author & Social Innovator committed to impacting humanity on a global scale. She is founder of Wonder Women Tech, an International conference that picks up where TED leaves off in the Diversity and Inclusion sector, which celebrates, highlights and educates women and diversity in STEAM and innovation. She launched Junior Innovation Camp and Wonder Girls Camp teaching underprivileged kids how to code, build games and film, two hackathons–Hacks 4 Humanity, a hackathon for Social Good, (featured at ASU) and Wonder Women Hacks, a hackathon where women and men build mobile apps to address challenges facing women and girls.

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2016 Event Speakers

2017 Event Speakers


2017 Schedule

10:00 AM to 3:30 PM

Registration opens at 9:30 AM
Reception following immediately


Mainstage Talks

The New Aliens & Adapting Your Environment

Nevena Christi, Bosslady and Creative Director at Rocketbuster Boots

They Funded it

Hidden treasures. Turning ideas into reality can require capital—sometimes, a sizable amount.

No matter what stage your company is in, having sufficient capital is nonnegotiable. In this interactive session, seasoned entrepreneurs and experts will talk about all things money.

She Started It

Being boss. Tackling the food, flower, and rental industries from the ground up.

Creative and talented women will share their stories about getting started and breaking into their respective industries.

Firestarter: Breaking Barriers in Entrepreneurship & Unraveling Diversity

Lisa Mae Brunson, Founder at Wonder Women Tech and Social Innovator


Grab a meal and enjoy a recess with your fellow conference attendees. Exchange contact information and sharp observations as you discuss what it means to start, run, or grow a business.

Breakout Sessions

I have and Idea Track


Stand out from the Crowd

Whether you’re a team or organization tackling an intractable issue or a solo entrepreneur creating a new product or service, Design Thinking provides a toolbox for identifying the true issues/ opportunities and creating solutions that succeed.

Learn to identify the right problem, understand user needs, and create successful solutions.

I’m in a Business Track

Futureproof Your Business

Your company is growing now, but is it really prepared for the future? This workshop will dive into the critical thinking and strategic plans you need to implement today for tomorrow.

Build a Brand People Love

Get an insider’s view of how world-class brands are created, and then roll up your sleeves alongside a senior brand strategy expert.

How Women Can Foster Inclusion By Changing The Way We Talk About It

Our words matter.

It isn’t just what we say but how we choose to speak about issues that determines how others view our message and respond. For example, read the following statement: Women’s Lib is certainly not a new issue, but just as our mothers and grandmothers fought against discrimination, our generation has a responsibility to continue that fight to make sure our daughters have equal access to the same opportunities that our sons enjoy. What did you picture? What did you feel? What stereotypes came to mind? We set the tone of a conversation by our choice of words.

As women entrepreneurs and leaders, we are greatly responsible for setting tone within our own organizations, communities and sometimes within national platforms, so it is imperative that we understand how our often very well-intentioned language may have unintended consequences. To do that, we need to explore our own inherent biases and how they shape our view of the world. And we must also try to understand others whose own backgrounds have led to very different views on the issues we are working to address.

When we have greater awareness of how our words will be perceived, we can use our words more effectively to evoke the changes we want to see.

Extra Perks

Inc. Office Hours in the Consulting Corner

We’ve assembled a team of experts in various areas – money, global, intellectual property, and scaling, among others – to offer one-on-one advice and answers to your most pressing business challenges. Visit the registration desk to see each consultant’s specific area of expertise and availability.

Questions? Answers!

Who should attend WE Mean Business?
WEMB is designed to educate and inspire women business owners in all industries who want to start or grow a bigger business, be more profitable, and have direct access to experienced women entrepreneurs who have been in their shoes and pushed beyond.

What if my business is still in the start-up phase?
First, congratulations for thinking BIG from the start! WEMB is for women who feel driven to grow a successful company and promises to serve golden nuggets to all attendees including start-ups, seasoned, and seven-figure entrepreneurs.  

Are men welcome?
Men are welcome and encouraged to attend the entire event. 

How about children?
Entrepreneurial-minded girls 13 years or older are welcome.

Can I register at the door?
Sorry, no. Registration must be placed in advance
so we can be ready for you!  

If I can’t make it, is my registration transferable?
Yes, please just send us an email 48 prior to the event so we can note our records.

I am with the media and would like to do a story. Who should I contact?
Thanks in advance! Please contact our Media Director:
Amanda Bradford at ambradfo@ad.nmsu.edu. 

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