TechSprint is an Arrowhead Accelerator program to test the feasibility of your business idea. The goal of this program is to accelerate New Mexico technology startups to drive economic growth. Through TechSprint you will receive mentorship, coaching and $2,000 in participant support.




  • Team must include a Entrepreneurial Lead (EL), a Technical Lead (TL), and a Business Mentor (M). You don't need a full team to apply, although preference is given to complete teams.
  • The Entrepreneurial Lead (EL) and business must be based in New Mexico.
  • Availability to attend four two-hour workshops virtually or in-person:
    • Spring 2017 Cohort will meet Friday mornings March 31st, 2017-April 28th, except for April 14th.
  • To successfully complete TechSprint, teams are expected to conduct thirty (30) interviews with potential customers for their product or service.
  • Projects can originate from individual work, research (funded or unfunded), institutional, or industrial projects. The topical focus of a project must be in an area(s) of science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) normally supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF). For more information about what NSF funds please visit:


  • Reach a go or no-go decision for your project.
  • Follow-on support and mentorship through AIN Ventures.
  • If decision is go, project may receive eligibility for the National I-Corps program, which includes a $50,000 award.
  • Numerous follow-on funding opportunities



If you have any questions please contact Studio G at





Apply For The Spring 2017 Cohort

Applications for TechSprint Spring 2017 Cohort are now open! Apply by March 16th, 2017 to be considered for the Spring 2017 Cohort. Please apply early, especially if you need help finding a team.





Teaching Team

Dr. Kramer Winingham

Dr. Kramer Winingham

Director & Instructor, Aggie I-Corps

Dr. Kramer Winingham serves as a Program Director for Arrowhead Center and is the Director of NMSU’s National Science Foundation I-Corps Site and Director of Studio G – NMSU’s Student Business Accelerator. He holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration with specializations in Finance and Information Systems, and a Doctorate of Economic Development from NMSU. His doctoral thesis “Economic Development through Technology Transfer” developed a novel approach to technology transfer incorporating design thinking – this approach is applied to commercializing NMSU technologies at the Arrowhead Center. He currently serves as CEO/President for two companies commercializing technologies. He also owns and operates a property management company.

Chris Dunn

Chris Dunn

Manager & Instructor, Aggie I-Corps

Chris Dunn works as the Studio G Coordinator at Arrowhead Center. Chris graduated with Bachelors of Arts Degrees in Economics and Philosophy and a Master of Arts in Economics from NMSU. He helps NMSU students and alumni through the process of starting their own businesses and venturing onto the path of entrepreneurship by connecting Studio G clients with advisors, guiding them through best practices for startups, and offering value added advice. Chris aims to view things from different perspectives while maintaining an eye towards consumer preferences and market needs. In his spare time, Chris likes to let his mind wander and theorizes about human nature, morality, and the good life.


TechSprint is supported by the New Mexico Gas Company.