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Studio G is the place for you.

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Studio G is completely free for Students and Recent Alumni at Studio G colleges and universities.

Studio G Members receive:

  • Guidance from our Studio G business advising staff.
  • Access to Arrowhead’s Enterprise Advisors – these include seasoned entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, investment bankers, marketing experts, engineers, intellectual property lawyers, accountants, graphic designers and product developers that are available to help you launch your business.
  • Access to meeting rooms and work spaces for your business
  • Access to great equipment and software – 3D Printer, 3D Scanner, Vinyl Cutter, Video Conferencing, AV equipment, Green Screen, Adobe Creative Suite, SolidWorks commercial version, and more.
  • Access to our Entrepreneurship Library with great resources for entrepreneurs.
  • Funding opportunities and awards exclusive to Studio G members.
  • Opportunities to license technology from New Mexico State University.

Studio G is available to students and recent alumni from Dona Ana Community College (DACC), Eastern New Mexico University, Navajo Technical University, New Mexico Tech, NMSU Main Campus, NMSU-Alamogordo, NMSU-Carlsbad, NMSU-Grants, San Juan College, Santa Fe Community College, University of New Mexico, and Western New Mexico University. Studio G services are provided to members for free, Studio G does not take ownership or equity in your business or technology. We provide shared office space at our building Arrowhead Center – Academic Research A, business consulting, and a wide variety of resources to help you launch your own business.

If you have a business idea and would like to take advantage of the resources available at Studio G click the Apply link on the tab above. If you don’t have a business idea yet and just want to talk about opportunities available through Studio G or get involved through our internship program or opportunities for student employment, please send an email to studiog@nmsu.edu.

Why join Studio G?

From the day I set foot in Studio G’s office area I knew I had made a great decision not only for me, but for my business, career, and future employability. The people at Studio G have certainly exceeded my expectations tenfold.

– Torbyn Nare, CEO, Naray Music

Naray Music

Studio G has been very helpful. They took a genuine interest in my business, invited me to several events, and taught me skills that continue to be beneficial to my business.

-Gabriel Mendez, CEO, El Campo Clothing Company


El Campo Clothing Company

Studio G has helped expand our business in ways we didn’t think was possible by providing us guidance and resources to succeed

-Brandon Casaus, Founder, RAWW Rodeo and Western Wear

RAWW Rodeo and Western Wear

The amazing team at Studio G have provided me with all the guidance and resources I needed to help me start my business/start-up.

— Luis D Colato, Founder, Roots Leather Company

Roots Leather Company

Studio G has tremendous resources powered by knowledgeable and caring people that take an active role in your ideas.

— Tony Ramirez, Founder/Managing Director, Plaza Source

Plaza Source

Studio G was instrumental in the creation of my business, as well as the continued support with my second business venture. Thank you for the experience and insight that I needed to start and run my own business.

— Robert Esquibel, CEO, Prime Light Laser

Prime Light Laser

Studio G is the best place to learn how to start a business. They have all the expertise and knowledge to guide you on the right path.

— Jorge Banda, CEO, EP Energy Solutions

EP Energy Solutions

Since I have been a part of Studio G, I have learned how to create a business model to assess value proposition. As well as providing all of the essentials to help make a startup business a success.

— Chase Remley, CEO, AvailCAD


Studio G has helped me start up my own business, and continues to support my team through the rocky first few years of that business’ life.

— Matt Martin, CEO, Shadow Point Software

Shadow Point Software

Studio G has given me top-notch support that has enabled me to get my business started and going!

— Sam Pedrotty, CEO, RocketEd


In Studio G, I find the resources to start a business venture, the rest depends on my efforts to follow through.

— Leon Viveros, CEO, Momotus Design

Momotus Design

Momotus Design

I am very grateful for the help I have received at Studio G. My ideas blossomed into a business with the help of everyone there.

— Angela Simental, CEO, QEstyle


No matter what challenges ByteWare faces, the support that Studio G provides to startups helps make success that much more viable. Studio G provides a base for startups to grow…and to encourage student entrepreneurship at NMSU.

— Taylor Burgett, Master’s of Electrical Engineering Student and Founder of ByteWare.



Studio G Team

Dr. Kramer Winingham

Dr. Kramer Winingham

Director, Studio G

Dr. Kramer Winingham serves as a Program Director for Arrowhead Center and is the Director of NMSU’s National Science Foundation I-Corps Site and Director of Studio G – NMSU’s Student Business Accelerator. He holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration with specializations in Finance and Information Systems, and a Doctorate of Economic Development from NMSU. His doctoral thesis “Economic Development through Technology Transfer” developed a novel approach to technology transfer incorporating design thinking – this approach is applied to commercializing NMSU technologies at the Arrowhead Center. He currently serves as CEO/President for two companies commercializing technologies. He also owns and operates a property management company.

Chris Dunn

Chris Dunn

Program Coordinator, Studio G

Chris Dunn works as the Studio G Coordinator at Arrowhead Center. Chris graduated with Bachelors of Arts Degrees in Economics and Philosophy and a Master of Arts in Economics from NMSU. He helps NMSU students and alumni through the process of starting their own businesses and venturing onto the path of entrepreneurship by connecting Studio G clients with advisors, guiding them through best practices for startups, and offering value added advice. Chris aims to view things from different perspectives while maintaining an eye towards consumer preferences and market needs. In his spare time, Chris likes to let his mind wander and theorizes about human nature, morality, and the good life.

Leonard Casaus

Leonard Casaus

Graduate Assistant, Studio G

Leonard Casaus is a graduate assistant for Studio G, NMSU’s Student Business Accelerator. At Studio G, Leonard works on promoting Studio G, recruiting new clients, and holds advising hours for 3D CAD modeling and printing. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and is currently working on his MBA at NMSU. Casaus has many years of CAD modeling and prototyping experience as well being immersed in the entrepreneurial lifestyle from a young age. During his time at Studio G, he has created his own company with his brother within the western wear clothing industry.


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