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Game-changing technologies are emerging at NMSU, where researchers and creative problem solvers are working in disciplines with real world impacts. Historically, it has been difficult to transition early-stage research into marketable products. Arrowhead Center’s Launch program is based on a simple concept that yields great results: by exploring a technology’s commercial potential very early in development and providing funding and resources for that work, we stand a much better chance of moving a viable product to market.

Launch has been identifying and providing commercialization support to promising early-stage technologies since 2011. We recently introduced a new format for the program to expedite rapid growth in technology commercialization. This will involve more intensive product development and direct mentorship, which will assess and validate technologies, explore customer development, and identify investment opportunities

LAUNCH Explained


Participating in 2016 - 2017 LAUNCH


Application deadline: November 18, 2016 | PITCH Day: December 1, 2016 | LAUNCH Day: April 13, 2017


Who should Apply for LAUNCH?

Entrepreneurs who are faculty, staff, or students at any NMSU campus

Recent alumni from any NMSU campus

Non-NMSU entrepreneurs and industry partners are eligible to apply with at least one NMSU faculty/


Why Apply for

Testing Your Technology

Teams can test a new and novel technology, find an efficient way to enter the market, and experience return on their investment.

Tech Trial

Teams without a technology can choose from Arrowhead Center’s Available Technologies to

participate in LAUNCH*

LAUNCH Incentives**

Invaluable Business Knowledge Including:

How to conduct customer interviews

An understanding of 
product market fit

Development of a functional marketing plan and commercialization strategy

Potential Seed Funding Including

LAUNCH Day Giveaways

Funding potential through the Arrowhead Innovation Fund (AIF)

LAUNCH Day Grand Award $25,000 investment

Strategies for Successful 

LAUNCH team fully formed with existing advisor

strategy to enter the market within 6 months

Willingness to take advice and coaching

* If teams decide at the end of the LAUNCH program to build a business around an NMSU technology, licensing is required through the IP Office. Technology from our partners cannot be used for LAUNCH.
** Participation in the LAUNCH Program does not guarantee all participants will win money

Contact Us

Terry Lombard: tlombard@nmsu.edu | 575-646-2791
Gina Duttle: rduttle@nmsu.edu | 575-646-7279