Welcome to Innoventureville, a zero-waste, sustainable city! This city needs your team’s help to create an innovative prototype of a product that helps Innoventureville meet its goal of keeping its carbon footprint small. Your product needs to serve one of the following industries: Water, electricity, parks/recreation, waste management, or agriculture. The catch? This year, we’re asking teams to think outside the box … by thinking inside the box!

Each team will receive a supply box from Innoventure with the same 10 to 15 items. These are the building blocks to create your innovative product prototype. You’ll need to use at least seven of these items in your final prototype. We’ll provide a list of some additional items and supplies that are approved to use, if you need more materials, but only those items on the list may be incorporated into your final product.

Get creative and see what you can do with the stuff in the box! Take it apart … connect it in new ways … use your imagination to see the possibilities!


*To meet the requirements of Innoventure, teams will need to create a product and not a service. For theme resources, check out the “Theme” folder on Edmodo.