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Innoventure fosters the spirit of invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship in New Mexico by providing new generations of innovators with skills in technical design and business savvy.

Innoventure encourages teamwork to solve real-life problems and gives K-12 students the opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship and innovation.  The program nurtures a new generation of innovators with skills in technical design and business and financial savvy.  Innoventure gives students a deeper understanding of how technical advances are made and brought to the marketplace. The program is designed to generate excitement and creativity in students and provide the experience of transforming an idea into a prototype of a product. Innoventure has been a core program within Arrowhead Center for a decade and serves K-12 students throughout New Mexico.

Innoventure Registration Deadline:  September 19, 2015

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2015-2016 Theme

There are over 50 million students in classrooms across the United States. The students in these classrooms are different from one another in many ways- physically, their learning styles, their preferences for where they sit in the classroom, whether they like to work in groups or by themselves, and even how they like to use technology. Despite these differences, all of these students have one thing in common…their classroom. In fact, the classroom environment (tables, chairs, overhead lighting, etc.) has not changed in almost 100 years!

This year’s theme challenges your team to develop a product for the classroom that will improve the learning environment. If you need some ideas, look around your classroom and think about what would make you a better learner. Another place to get you going is the Getting Started on Research pdf (located on the Guidebook and Templates tab), which has some great research and links on how people learn and work the best based on their environment.



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