Theme Resources

Below you will find links to websites, videos, and blogs that will provide you with background information on:

  • Types of disabilities
  • Products for people with disabilities that are already on the market
  • Current businesses that assist people with disabilities

You can use these sites to get ideas about:

  • Products that may be needed
  • What adaptive products (a product that has been modified or changed to help a person with disabilities) look like
  • Who your competitors might be

Sites with Information on Disabilities

Information on Muscular Dystrophy

Information on Cerebral Palsy

Mobility Challenges for Kids

Hearing Loss

Vision Impairment

National Federation of the Blind

A Day in the Life of a Young Girl with Osteogenesis Imperfecta

Blog: My Life as a Disabled Teenage Girl


Adaptive Product Ideas

Demand Design & Manufacture for Disability

BBC: Disability Talk

Adaptive Equipment for Classrooms

10 Ingenious Inventions for People With Disabilities


Daily Activities with Disabilities

US Paraolympics

The Saxophone for a One-Handed Musician