Prezi serves a similar function to PowerPoint, but with more powerful and interesting features. Presentations are created on a canvas rather than individual slides. This means that when you use Prezi you can not only include text, images, and multimedia, but you can also zoom-in, drag, and hide this images during your presentation.


Create presentations in a few clicks, wherever you are.  You can work with your team on the presentation at the same time from different locations.


MyBrainshark is you one stop shop for presentations.  myBrainshark allows you to upload your presentation, document or video. Narrate it, share it, and track it. You can create voice-over presentations that can be added to your website.


Empressr is an online storytelling tool that allows you to create, manage, and share rich media presentations online. You can upload your video, images and audio to get started creating cool slideshows. Empressr also has great charting and table tools to create dynamic presentations.


OpenOffice is a free office suite to install on your desktop to create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.