Marketing Tools


Animoto produces 30-second TV & film-quality music videos using photos in just minutes.

To create a video you upload your images , then choose a song as the soundtrack to your video. Animoto will then compile your photos and make a music video. Videos can then burned to DVD or placed on your website or blog.


Want to edit photos of your product or your team for brochures or your website?  Checkout Ribbet.  It’s like Photoshop, but a lot easier.


Make a free website, blog or online store with Weebly.  Websites are created by dragging and dropping text or images.

Google Sites

Google Sites offers several pre-built templates that allow you to click and create a website.


Vine is a mobile app that allows users to create 6 second video clips.  Many businesses such as Samsung, Burts Bees, and Taco Bell use Vine as a marketing tool.