After releasing the ArcaBoard, the world’s first commercially available hoverboard, ARCA Space corporation is announcing the ArcaMini; Made for everyone to enjoy as their own personal portable transportation device.

ARCA Space Corporation makes it possible to safely ride a high quality vehicle that can also be used in remote mode, making it the ultimate entertainment and utility device.

Compared with an electric skateboard, the ArcaMini uses four unarticulated wheels that make balance training unnecessary.

ArcaMini, measuring only 40cm on its largest dimension, is able to fit in a backpack. The design is unique allowing for use as a personal transportation vehicle as well as an entertainment and utility vehicle in remote mode. The range while in remote mode is 150m (492ft) allowing for the transportation of various items such as video cameras and luggage.

Being entirely made of aluminum and steel alloys, the ArcaMini has a design that was inspired by aerospace rovers used for planetary exploration.

The ArcaMini performances are above most of the current similar vehicles. It has 40x30x9cm (15.75×11.81×3.54”) and a weight of 7.8kg (17.2lbs). It has two electric motors, totaling over 3000W, that are powered by a 10,000mAh battery. The maximum rider, or payload, weight is 110kg (243lbs). These characteristics allow the ArcaMini to achieve good performances at an autonomy of around 60min, a range of 20km (12.5mi) and a limited speed of 20km/h (12.5mph).

The ArcaMini is a product made in US. The retail price is $695 and it can be ordered on

About ARCA

ARCA Space is an American aerospace company from Las Cruces, New Mexico, whose main objective is the exploration of space as well as the development of commercial

ARCA Space achievements:

2004 – During the $10 million, Ansari X Prize Competition, ARCA launched the first rocket, Demonstrator 2B.

2006 – ARCA built the world’s largest solar balloon that lifted into the stratosphere the crew capsule of Stabilo, a manned suborbital vehicle created after the end of Ansari X Prize Competition.

2007 – The Stabilo program continued, this time with an even larger solar balloon lifting the complete Stabilo vehicle into the stratosphere.

2008 – ARCA joined the $30 million Google Lunar X Prize Competition.

2010 – Helen rocket was launched at 120,000 ft, the event representing the first powered flight in the Google Lunar X Prize Competition. The rocket was transported into the stratosphere with the help of a helium balloon.

2012 – Haas rockets series was introduced, consisting of Haas 2B and 2C, a suborbital, respectively orbital rocket launchers.

2013 – The European Space Agency (ESA) awarded ARCA with a contract to test the parachutes system for the ExoMars spacecraft that will be launched to Mars in 2016.

2014 – AirStrato “The most amazing air robot in the world” a UAV performed the first flights.

2015 – ARCA presented the ArcaBoard, the first truly personal flying machine, commercially available.

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